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See your own credit files online with See My Credit

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About Credit Reports

We offer corporate credit checking and also provides UK consumers with the opportunity to see their credit report online. From offices in London we have over 20 years experience as a UK credit reference agency where we provide both corporate credit reports and consumer credit checks.

Our services include:

  • See My Credit Report
    For consumers wishing to see their own credit report
  • Corporate Services
    For businesses requiring credit checks on companies or consumers - see our Business Credit Reports

Until relatively recently all enquiries for consumer credit files were handled by post. However access to your credit report is now quick and easy - for more information click here for See My Credit.

  • See what the lenders see on your credit report
  • Leave notes on your credit file for lenders to see
  • Correct any mistakes on your credit file
The Choice of Services...
Your Credit Report Online
See your credit report online - take a one-off look at your full credit file as seen and used by banks and other lenders
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Credit Report Monitoring
Protect your credit rating from missed payments and identity theft – get alerts if your credit report changes

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Corporate & Business
Are you a business needing consumer checks or company credit reports? See our commercial services

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Can I correct mistakes on my credit file?
Banks, credit cards, and other lenders may use your credit report to help them calculate what credit limit to give you, and under what terms. It is in your interest to ensure your file is correct and up to date. When you access your own credit report you can correct any errors on the credit reference agency files.

Have your say...
When you access your credit report you will also be given the facility to add some comments if you wish - for example to explain any arrears or missed payments. Other future lenders will then be able to see what you have said.

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