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For company credit checking click here - Business Credit Report - credit checks on any UK company, sole trader or partnership or search any UK company below.

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Fast and easy to use, and the report tells you everything. Get your own credit report or check any business - simply enter the name and your credit card details and the credit reports are displayed online instantly. 10/10

Consumer Credit Check Services
For consumer credit checking click here - Consumer Credit Report - for landlord tenant checks, due diligence and employee ID vetting and screening.

We offer access to the largest database of UK credit reports on any company, business or consumer, and access to UK consumer credit reports online.

From offices in London we have over 20 years experience as a leading UK credit reporting agency providing both company credit check reports and consumer credit checks.

You can pay by credit card and run a credit check straight away.

  • See what banks and lenders see on credit report files
  • See any notes on the credit file for lenders to see
  • Search to confirm ID, address, and credit records
Corporate Services
With detailed information on over 5 million UK companies our online status reports are relied on for credit control and by company directors and senior decision makers.

International Credit Reports
As well as UK credit reference agency services we can also provide international company information and credit reports.

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Consumer Credit Report Online
Consumer credit report online - credit files as seen and used by banks and other lenders

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Credit Reports
Review credit ratings for evidence of missed payments and check for identity verification

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Corporate & Business
Are you a business needing consumer checks or company credit checks? See our commercial services
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Find out why you've been refused credit
Lenders use credit reports when deciding whether to approve a loan, how much credit to offer you, and what rate of interest to charge you. Check your credit report to ensure it is correct and satisfactory and you could save yourself money when applying for a loan, mortgage or credit card.

Check credit reports for signs of identity theft
Checking credit report is easy. You can see key changes in a credit report, such as when credit is paid paid on time.

Credit report partners
We work other credit reports providers to provide both business and consumer credit reports services.